ASU Operations Management Review

Department of Supply Chain Management


How can I keep track of recent research in operations management?

AOR summarizes the latest research in operations management. By canvassing through recent publications, AOR saves your time in finding out new canonical research.


How can I advance my OM knowledge?

AOR provides mini-cases and introduces other articles in the related topics. This set of complementary knowledge helps you stay abreast of the latest developments in practice and academia.


Where should I start new research?

AOR suggests unanswered questions from the selected cutting-edge studies. In addition, AOR presents interviews with the authors, guiding and sparking research and management strategies.


Understanding, creating, and communicating knowledge … three pillars of scholarship. This publication, prepared by a small group of dedicated and developing scholars, illustrates a creative approach to reinforce learning and to disseminate knowledge. I believe it will serve as a valuable resource to both researchers and practitioners. Enjoy!

Professor Scott Webster, Bob Herberger Arizona Heritage Chair Professor, Arizona State University.


This book provides a pleasant guide to the evolving field of research in Operations Management. It is timely – it incorporates most advanced research from premier research outlets. It is actionable – it highlights real-world examples and practical implications. It is delightful - advanced mathematical models have been deciphered in a reader-friendly way. A must read!

Professor Mei Li, Michigan State University.


The ASU Operations Management Review is an excellent compilation and summary of research publications covering emerging topics in operations management. I commend the group of doctoral students that initiated this excellent resource. Biannual updating of the book means that it stays relevant and topical. I highly recommend this book as a “go to” and “must have” resource for doctoral students, researchers and practitioners that require quick understanding of the status of research and future research opportunities in OM.

Professor Adegoke Oke, PhD. CAPS Research Fellow, Arizona State University.


This is an excellent, interesting read. It’s a great idea on two levels: First, It helps the reader to quickly find and better understand relevant, cutting edge operations research articles, and second, the author interviews at the end are invaluable, allowing authors the rare opportunity to elaborate on what they have published, and help the reader to better understand what they have written. A great idea, flawlessly executed, and an excellent read. Bravo to the ASU Operations Management Review team!

Professor Zachary S. Rogers, PhD., Colorado State University.

Improve your knowledge in operations management

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AOR is updated biannually. Proceeds will be reinvested in publishing the next volume and supporting young scholars.